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Traffic Holder renders internet marketing services for adult webmasters since 2006. We provide quality clicked adult traffic for adult and non-adult websites. Our primary goal is to secure maximum earnings for traffic sellers and most advantageous terms for traffic buyers. Our advertising platform is powered with an audience of over 800 million monthly users. We offer unbeatable prices on equal quality traffic.

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  1. I had two account with them and was maintaining it was putting money

    everyday then i decided to work only on one account and wanted to transfer

    the funds from one account to another account hence asked help over the

    chat, that guys started asking useless questions then i closed the chat and

    went out. I tried to login after couple of hours when i was about to start

    my campaign but found my account has been suspended unfortunately i added

    $150.00 just before couple of hours, now my both account was suspended with

    one stupid reason (Account Suspension Reason: Unusual activity was detected

    on your account.) then i started with chat guys where he advise me to raise

    a ticket which i already raised right that time when i found account has

    been suspended, but no response from that team as well, chat guys started

    threaten that if i put it on social website and this action will damage

    their business they will go for legal… its surprising that they blocked my

    account, no information about money and they stopping me to put all this

    thing on social website to make other’s aware……..
    still you anyone from traffic holder want to contact me then contact on
    my user id 1: ssingal409
    2: quikewebdesign

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