Tracking202 Inc., also commonly referred to as T202, is based in San Francisco, California and primarily a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Affiliate Marketing Analytics company. T202 offers advanced features such as keyword cloaking, keyword tracking, spy view and much more.

Common Challenges for PPC Marketers

Until now there has never been a simple way to track, monitor, and calculate all your PPC accounts and campaigns. When you have multiple PPC accounts and campaigns running, effectively managing them can be a tedious task. What’s more, tracking converting keywords vs. non-converting keywords requires custom programming or expensive software that isn’t intuitive or user friendly. I am sure we all can agree that tracking by hand or via MS Excel is no way to go.

Like other affiliate marketers, you haven’t had a choice if you want to track how well campaigns and keywords are profiting.

Until now…

T202 is the Perfect Solution

We created T202 to provide affiliate marketers an easy way to track PPC campaigns large or small. With T202, you no longer have to spend hours just to see which campaigns are making you money.

T202’s real-time tracking gives you to up-to-the-second data on all your PPC accounts! With easy to read graphs, automatic keyword trackers, and automated profit calculations, you don’t have to waste time logging every one of your PPC accounts and affiliate networks to manually record data.

T202 has the Most Features!

Most of the current tracking programs out there don’t have nearly as many features as T202. Plus they can only track a few of the bigger PPC networks such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN Adcenter. With T202, you can track any network, big or small. And unlike PPC networks, T202 tracks clicks in real-time-you see every click as it happens.

EPC Calculator

T202 maximizes EPC (Earnings Per Click) calculations. How would you feel if you knew exactly what you needed to bid for a keyword for it to be profitable? Then you could adjust your bids accordingly and turn a profit within seconds.

Know your EPC:

  • EPC per Keyword
  • EPC per Text Ad
  • EPC per Referrer
  • EPC per PPC Account
  • Much More!
Spy View

Spy view is a feature you will only find on T202. With Spy View, you can see real-time actions your visitors make with your ads. What’s more, you can subscribe to your own Spy View RSS feeds to get up-to-the-second information anywhere!

Top-Performing Keywords

T202 tells you which keywords are making you money and which ones are losing you money. So you can weed out the losers and turn any campaign into a profit monster!

Keyword Cloaking

T202 gives users the ability to cloak their keywords from advertisers and affiliate networks-so all of your top-performing keywords are a secret.

Why risk your Affiliate Manager or the Advertiser finding out your best keywords, copying them for their own campaigns, and putting you out of business?

To be successful at Affiliate Marketing you must track your keywords and they must be cloaked.

Direct Linking a Landing Pages

T202 works with direct linking through PPC campaigns or with your own landing pages. Now you can track whether your campaigns profit more with direct linking or landing pages.


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