sterkly is a performance-based affiliate network and software marketing company.

sterkly’s affiliate network offers a large variety of high-quality offers in almost any vertical or geo. Specialized in pay-per-downloads, sterkly’s other popular verticals are games, mobile, finance and software. Exclusive offers include the popular applications ezLooker, Drop Down Deals, Best Video Downloader, FreeTwitTube and PageRage.

Why join as an Affiliate?

  • Promote exclusive offers directly at the highest payouts
  • Quick-to-respond, dedicated Account Managers
  • On-time payments, all the time
  • Large collection of high-quality offers in all verticals and geo’s
  • Industry leading tracking platform with real time tracking

Advertisers can scale quickly and receive real-time monitoring by an experienced fraud and compliance team to ensure high-quality traffic. Whether you choose to utilize sterkly’s affiliate network or software marketing services sterkly goes beyond impressions, clicks, and conversions to champion and protect your brand.

sterkly’s software marketing solutions offers app and software developers unique capabilities of distributing and monetizing software. Software developers seeking to grow their user base rapidly can leverage sterkly’s software distribution program that delivers over 4 million unique installs every month. Alternatively, sterkly can monetize your products by offering products to advertise within your program’s install path. Based on state-of-the-art technology, sterkly developed its own installer technology called KBM² that optimizes the install path to ensure the highest ROI on each install.

To join sterkly as an affiliate, sign up now. sterkly is based in Carlsbad, California. For more information, please visit or email inquiry


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  1. where can I find a high paying pnrentiag affiliate program?I have just written an ebook and am now looking for a back end product to sell alongside this. Does anyone know where I can find a high paying pnrentiag home study course, online seminar, dvd set etc affililate program? Most affiliate programs are just just referral fees of say 5 dollars per person. Anyway, you’re advice would be much appreciated.

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