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The adoption mobile Internet is experiencing rapid growth! Everyday more and more users are surfing this exciting new medium while on the go. New devices, low data plans, more applications and services from well-known internet companies have helped to raise interest in new mobile possibilities, the exposure of the potential opportunities in the mobile sector. This outpour of interest and investment is helping to generating a very lucrative market – especially for the adult webmasters.

According to a recent study conducted by Juniper Research the total revenue generated by adult content in the mobile internet will reach 4.9 billion dollars by 2013. The largest portion of this revenue will be generated by mobile webcam live chat services.

Don’t miss out on this huge opportunity! Start securing today your share of this booming market of the future.

Right now, between 5%-10% of your adult website users are surfing your site with mobile phones. With SexGoesMobile you can convert your existing mobile traffic in a snap (or with a snap of a finger). It’s easy, simple and reliable.

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