As Seen On PC Network

As Seen On PC Network
As Seen On PC Network

Who we are and what we can do for merchants.

AsSeenOnPC is a pay per performance network that establishes committed industry relationships with high quality, leading publishers to help grow traffic, generate leads, drive sales and increase revenue. As a performance based, multi-channel marketer, we can promote your product to our publishers and be the source for all of your Internet Sales.

We provide an experienced team of publishers to drive high quality volume traffic to your offers.

We combine 13 years cumulative industry knowledge of tested proven landing pages, creative design experience, online media management skills and search marketing proficiency to ensure brand monetization and brand/trademark protection.

We strive to surpass your expectations guaranteeing the highest payouts, custom rotators to deliver ads, offer flexible, timely payout options and promote top campaigns in every vertical.


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