Right Media

The Platform for Premium Digital Advertising

Right Media launched digital advertising’s first exchange platform in the spring of 2005 and is currently the largest exchange in the industry. Our success stems from the principles we started with: transparent, fair, open and efficient.  We’ve stayed true to these values throughout a variety of market cycles.  Since Yahoo! acquired the company in 2007, we have been working to build a premium exchange with more than 160,000 active global buyers and sellers and more than 9 billion daily transactions.

Today, the Right Media platform supports an ecosystem of leading digital advertising companies, including differentiated ad networks, direct advertisers in our non-guaranteed marketplace, data providers, technology innovators, and global agencies.

Our strategy includes focusing on:

  • Premium buying and selling
  • Data-driven valuation
  • Audience sourcing
  • Interoperability

As the industry changes, Right Media is evolving to change with it.  The Right Media platform is designed to help all participants in the digital advertising ecosystem conduct business with one another in a seamless fashion, and deliver marketers the greatest number of options in how they define and reach their relevant audiences.


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