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Paddy Power offers Sports Betting, Poker, Casino, Bingo, Games and Novelty betting, which means you have the best opportunity to make money.

They have invested significant monies in the development of affiliate systems, promotional tools whilst having a responsive unit of Affiliate Managers who liaise with their partners on a constant basis.

Paddy Partners Affiliates Tools and Banners

Paddy Power have the luxury of having the Net Refer system integrated into Paddy Partners. They offer a one stop affiliate solution that supplies comprehensive statistics on a daily basis with regards to commission earnings, acquisition/conversion rates and reliable creative performance statistics.

They also have a comprehensive creative repository and reporting system in place which means that affiliates can trial and test different tools and optimise their creative throughout the month depending on the calendar events.

In addition to this, Affiliates can use their reporting tools to drill down to a customer level, by product and if that’s not enough, they supply custom reporting to meet the needs of individual affiliates.

Paddy Partners Relationship management

Paddy Partners take great pride in the relationships they have fostered with their affiliates and count many of them as mates, as well as business partners.  They have achieved this by offering many communication options, always responding to enquiries in a timely manner, developing tools to make promoting Paddy Power as easy as possible and endeavouring to meet each and every individual affiliate’s needs whether that be by custom/co-branded banners/landing pages/videos, custom reporting etc.

Paddy Partners attend every gaming affiliate conference to meet up with our existing affiliates, meet potential partners and generally showcase Paddy Power in the affiliate audience.  For the best performing affiliates, they aim to meet them one-to-one more regularly through out the year and host a VIP day at Cheltenham to reward them for their performance.  Christmas cards and tickets to events are other ways we try to personalise the relationship and go the extra mile for our affiliates.

They also operate their affiliate programme as a meritocracy. If they see consistent performance by our affiliates they aim to keep them motivated and pushing the brand so can agree upon targeted performance and customised commissions.

Paddy Partners Communication strategy

Effective communication is key to their relationship with their affiliates.  Apart from their daily correspondence with affiliates via email, msn, telephone and forums, they produce a monthly newsletter, weekly Betting Previews and product-specific updates to keep affiliates up to date with what’s happening at Paddy Power Towers.  They distribute daily Press Releases via email and RSS feed for interested affiliates to use as content and also post these on our Paddy Partners blog.

The Paddy Power Affiliate team has their moment in the spotlight, showcasing their wares in our Affiliate Videos They were the first in the industry to do this and continue to entertain and inform affiliates (who can subscribe via RSS) on a monthly basis, sometimes with the inclusion of a celeb or two (Bruce Grobbelaar, Liam Flood or Paddy Power himself).  These videos fetch up to 1,110 views monthly, are in-keeping with the Paddy Power brand, and have helped affiliates recognize them at Events.


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