Every day we realize the world is getting  smaller and smaller. The more we network and the more we learn, the  smaller the world gets. Along with the exploration of our travels and  shared experiences, we find new opportunities, common interests and  united passion? this was the inspiration behind NAMoffers: people of  different minds coming together with parallel ideas.

From the lands of Denmark where the first  monarchy started to North America where over a half a billion people  reside, we have joined markets, removing the distance that once  separated us by the oceans. NAMoffers merges together product demand,  language, local intricacy, and first-hand knowledge of three of the most  influential regions of the world.

NAMoffers is an affiliate network within the NAM Group. The NAM Group consists of nordicADmedia,Justamedia and MrMedia.  Our extensive experience, desire to succeed and innovative way of  thinking will bring you results! We created NAMoffers to bridge the  marketing gap between three of the worlds top consumer regions.

More than 8 years ago, two of our four pillars  of NAM-Group began working in Copenhagen, Denmark with a passion to  learn and a desire to succeed. Since then, we have expanded into the  rest of Scandinavia, the United States and Canada. We are the gateway  that links our client’s products to these markets. To accomplish this we  focus on the following things:
<li>Obtaining an in-depth understanding of each market for our clients.</li>
<li>Creating successful advertising formulas to succeed in the global marketplace.</li>
<li>Acquiring a vast network of Publishers, Advertisers and Networks to deliver solutions.</li>
<div>Our  technology platform provides a cutting edge, multi-lingual tool that  can access all of our benefits from one source. We offer multi currency  payment options, real-time tracking, updated reports and optimization  with every campaign. We have a dedicated team in each nation we  represent. This means you are guaranteed to get the most accurate and  multi-cultured marketing advice possible!</div>


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