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MovieCapital is the only LEGAL service that offers it’s members true unlimited movie downloading experience and one of the leading affiliate programs in the movie niche since 2008.

Did you ever wonder how you would be able to use a service such as Netflix in a situation where you have no Internet connection? Well..Basically you can’t!.

While popular services such as Netflix or Amazon offer their members the possibility to stream movies online when/if an internet connection is available, MoviesCapital members have the clear advantage of being able to download all their movies and store them on their mobile,tablets and computers for later use without the need to pay a hefty “per download” fee.

Other exciting features you can find on MoviesCapital is the ability to download every movie in 2 formats (Namely DIVX and MP4) so members can store and watch the movies on a wide range of supported devices without the hassle of complicated file conversions.

The movies available inside the members area are from a wide range of genres and span from the 1930’s (classics) to new DVD releases and even includes HD movies!.

Being one of clickbank’s senior affiliate programs (live since early 2008) Moviescapital has been a stable source of long-term income for tens of thousands of affiliates.

Movie downloading and streaming is one of the most coveted niches on the Internet and related search terms have hundreds of millions of searches every month. affiliates earn 70% commission over every sale which translates to an average of 27$ per sale,there is no other legal movie related service that offers it’s affiliates such a high payout per sale.

The affiliates section offers a huge range of free affiliate tools including banners,animated banners,sales articles and even videos including a clickable random trailer widget you can simply add to your existing website by copy and pasting a small line of code.

In the ever changing online marketing world has been around for ages and many of it’s affiliates base their long term STABLE income based on their promotions of

So what are you waiting for?! if you want to grab your share of a few billion dollars annual industry simply register for free as a clickbank affiliate using the below link and you can easily start earning from one of the most prestigious , long term and profitable niches on the Internet.

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