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Integrate delivers a revolutionary new approach to customer acquisition. It simplifies the work of marketing service providers, referred to as Integrate Sellers. Integrate’s technology automates many of your day-to-day operations, saving your company valuable resources and increasing your efficiency.

Increase sales and reduce prospecting efforts:
The marketplace eliminates the need to prospect for direct clients.
New campaigns are matched to you automatically.
Depending on your company profile, you may receive dozens of campaign requests per week.

Save Your Technical Team Hundreds of Hours of Implementation:
Use one delivery system for every campaign you run.
All host-and-post campaigns have the same set of posting instructions.
The marketplace tracts all efforts through one easy-to-use interface.

Protect Your Revenue:
Enjoy dependable payment for the quality results that you deliver.
Integrate provides reliable reporting, recorded calls for verification, a real-time feedback system and return negotiation tools.
Take comfort in knowing that you will never be scrubbed out of business.

If you’ve been looking for a way to increase your revenue without increasing your efforts, then you’ve found it! Sign up then sit back and let Integrate’s technology do the work for you!

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