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Using Hootsuite in the past two years has been revolutionary for me. I can honestly say that it has been one of the most productive tools available on the web today.
Considering that the free version of Hootsuite have a lot of tools to enhance your social media performance, the paid version offers even more possibilities to make your social media marketing as efficient as ever.
If you are looking for an application that will allow you to follow all your twitter accounts without being automatically disconnected once you become inactive for a few hours, Hootsuite will be the perfect device for you.
The ability to manage multiple accounts at the same time, not only Twitter, to monitor specifically all the key words relevant to your company by setting up automatic alerts, to work with your team from the same account, to publish content and updates on one or multiple accounts simultaneously, make Hootsuite one of the most powerful social web applications right now.
Hootsuite features don’t just stop there. Having risen to be one of the most preferred twitter clients, after Tweetdeck and Seeismic, Hootsuite is only available online, meaning that now, marketers and social web enthusiasts can have access to it anytime, and anywhere, as long as there is an Internet connection nearby.
With Hootsuite, you have the ability to create as many tabs as possible, to help you monitor better all this influx of information. For example, because Hootsuite can encompass all of the available social media networks on their platform, tracking, monitoring and posting on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Myspace, has got a lot easier.
Therefore, using Hootsuite, you will no longer have to navigate through multiple websites to check your status updates, to read your news feed, and most of all, to observe closely all your competition.
Creating tabs and deleting tabs on Hootsuite is a very simple process. Note that you can also move the tabs around their platform, so that you only follow what is the most relevant to you. Examples of tabs will depend on the networks you have signed into in Hootsuite.
For example, if you are simply sign into twitter, each tab in Hootsuite will represent each of your twitter activities. The first tab is your Home Feed, the second is all your Sent Tweets, the third one is your Pending Tweets, the fourth tab is your Mentions and the fifth tab is your Direct Inbox (messages).
Hootsuite allow you to create even more tabs to maintain full control of your stream, such as adding specific keyword tab, your Favorite Tweets tab, or by creating a tab for all your lists.
Overall, after using this application for over a year, the capabilities of this application are endless. Another feature of Hootsuite is the url shortening service that also simplifies life when posting long links.
Anyhow, I could write many paragraphs about the usefulness of Hootsuite, but i suggest that you give it a try yourself and see what Hootsuite can do for you.


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