Bigpoint Media Partner Program

Bigpoint Media partner Program
Bigpoint Media partner Program

Enjoy premium gaming content as well as great profits with Bigpoint!

Come aboard and fascinate your users with our games: With 160+ million registered users, Bigpoint is one of the top three gaming portals in the world! Earn money on every registration not once, not twice but three times – and watch your earnings grow dramatically over time.

How does it work? It’s really quite simple:

  1. Receive a €0.25 pay-per-lead commission on every user who visits your site and registers for one of our top free-to-play games DarkOrbit, Seafight, Deepolis or FARMERAMA.
  2. Earn up to a €1.00 pay-per-lead commission on each first purchase generated by new users.
  3. Take advantage of Bigpoint’s long-term usership and profit from 20% commission on net sales which users make in their first year of playing.

CPL Commission Possibilities + Revenue Share


Long-term usership and top earnings with Bigpoint games

The longer users play, the more willing they’ll be to invest money into their games. Our open-ended games are designed to promote long-term play, which means you’ll benefit from a dramatic increase in profits over the long run! During a long-term cooperation with Bigpoint, you’ll earn money on all sales players make in their first year of play – whether they buy virtual items for €1.99 or Premium memberships for €99.

We offer free high-quality online entertainment, and our players gladly purchase virtual items to jazz up their games. The average Bigpoint user plays and spends money for a period of six to twelve months, meaning serious earnings for you!

Tip: Special promotions held on a regular basis offer you the chance to make even more money!


Innovative advertisingWe’ll provide all the material you need to leverage your website content.Just create a category for “Games” on your website, if it doesn’t already have one.We’ll send you teasers, screenshots, texts, logos and even interactive banners so you can design a landing page to match your website.Use the individual game teasers to link the homepage to the landing pages you created for each of the games, or use our press portal to create your own material:


Try out the myriad of possibilities and find what’s best for you!


High conversion rate with high-quality content

Integrating our top-quality content onto your site lends credibility and leads to a high conversion rate.

Our free-to-play games and large selection of open-ended titles, which can be enjoyed without any downloads or installations, contribute to the success of our partner program.


In light of the recent ruling made by the Federal Court of Justice of Germany concerning copyright law and AdWords, as well as Google’s trademark policy changes, we’d like to remind you that brand-name bidding is no longer permitted within the Bigpoint Affiliate Marketing Program.

Please respect our Keyword Policy, which you can view here:

Bigpoint is constantly looking for affiliate partners for link exchanges. If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to contact Sevim Yazici (


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