Avazu Inc.

Avazu Inc.
Avazu Inc.

Avazu Inc. is a leading multinational corporation in the digital marketing industry, specializing in cross-device advertising and mobile game publishing.

Bottom Line:

Avazu Private Exchange (APX), is a exchange platform for independent publishers to convert website traffic into revenue. Advertisers post premium offers on the platform, while publishers with rich media resources and channels take them. Supported by the technical and managerial knowledge from Avazu Inc, advertisers and publishers are mutually benefited.

Full Review – Background:

Avazu APX is an independently developed platform. The user interface is friendly. The distributed cloud architecture ensures the speed of jump page not affected by a large amount of clicks. Open API allows users to develop independently and exchange data with APXP. There are thoughtful and useful tools, for example offer recommendation, visualized jump page templates and editors. Performance data of ads delivered to mobile end can be demonstrated from multiple dimensions such as mobile operators, operating systems, browsers, brands of smartphone, etc. In addition, mobile application APXP, allows users to read reports at any time. Benefited from the automated billing system, publishers can check the payment status themselves.


Flexible payment period: the normal payment period is a month, but for publishers with a good reputation and a large traffic weekly payment may apply.
Advertising offers covers global market, across PC and mobile devices, with competitive payout.
We customize advertising pages for publishers to increase market share.
With independently developed mobile applications and traffic inventory, Avazu APX is about to dock with Avazu DSP and provide one-step service for the publishers.
Professional support team provides one-to-one online support service.
Responsible compensation scheme: publishers will be compensated if they suffered from lost caused by the APXP platform.
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