Anastasia’s Affiliate

Anastasia's Affiliate
Anastasia's Affiliate

Per First Order Program

Get ready for incredible earnings with our Per First Order Program! With this program, your commission rate depends on the number of First Orders your clients purchase in a calendar month. With Anastasia’s First Order online affiliate marketing program, the minimum you are paid for a First Order is $200 with a maximum of $350 Per First Order for 9+ First Orders in a calendar month. For example, even if your member’s First Order is for only $16, you can earn up to $350 per each First Order!
Per Lead Program

The Per Lead Program pays you a fixed amount for all member registrations from the qualifying country list and from men between the ages of 30-60 on all four Anastasia sites. Earn up to $8 for each of your targeted clients who register at the Anastasia sites. Our commissions for the Per Lead Program (Pay Per Lead) are among the highest in the dating industry. Simply put – the more leads you bring us, the more $$$ you make!
Per Each Order Program

Commissions are based on the number of new clients (First Orders) you bring Anastasia every month. The more First Orders you bring Anastasia, the higher your commission rate is for Each Order placed by all your new and existing clients.

With Anastasia’s Per Each Order Program, when your members order Credits*, you can receive up to $125 on each sale! As a pay per sale affiliate, you will receive lifetime commissions for all orders made by your clients!
2nd Tier AffiliateProgram

Anastasia’s 2nd Tier (Referral) Program helps tier two affiliates to earn additional income by referring new participants to our program. Be a referral affiliate and advertise Anastasia’s Affiliate Program. Earn $10 for every active affiliate referred by you.


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