Affiliation World

Affiliation World is an Advanced Ad Network, owned by Venesome LTD

Affiliation World provides Publishers, Advertisers and Ad Networks with an cloud-based intuitive solution of trading and monetization of online audiences.
More than 10,000 Publishers use everyday Affiliation World’s services by delivering more than 6,000 campaigns. Around the world, Affiliation World reaches around 100M Unique Visitors.

  1. They are cheaters. I had 273 Euro in my account and today when I logged in to check the payment date I found that my balance is only 102 Euros and the remaining are all gone.

  2. Hey,
    I am Jennifer, the CM @ Affiilation World.
    I will explain you what happened and how we have sold this problem.

    This summer we had one advertiser who decided to not pay the traffic which did not convert. From the point of view of the advertiser, he is looking for conversions. Fair enough.
    From the point of view of the publisher, you are looking for commissions versus providing good quality traffic. Unfortunately, some publishers don’t take it in consideration while it’s CPM commissions based.

    The adnetwork has to match your good quality traffic and the good campaigns to get the better partnership. As soon as our publishers are giving good traffic, we both earn. If it is not good one, we both loose.

    In order that it never happen again, Affiliation World pay now mainly on dCPM and help you to optimize your traffic with a good partnership + your campaigns are optimized for your traffic thanks to our optimization engine. Since we have done this, the publishers whome we are working with in a good partnership (and able to send good value traffic) have seen their eCPM increase.

    Soon, Affiliation World will launch new tools and ways to help you more deeply to optimize your traffic. Also, we offer new kind of profitable campaigns. Some are already available. Speak with your publisher manager or contact me in pm for more informations.


  3. Scam!

    I am waiting for payment over a year!

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