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Shortlisted as one of the best affiliate programs by iGB, represents the popular CasinoClub, CasinoClub Poker and Poker Kings online brands. CasinoClub is the #1 online destination for German speaking players and one of the consistently highest rated European casinos. While CasinoClub Poker and Poker Kings are popular and reliable poker brands. What really sets the affiliate program apart though, is their terrific 55% rev share plan with no negative carry over. They also offer prompt payments, well known brands and a truly amazing affiliate team.

You can also rest assured that you’ll always get high conversion rates thanks to the irresistible promotions, bonuses and tournaments that the sites offer on a consistent basis. CasinoClub alone offers players players dozens of promotions each month and both poker sites offer a great lineup of tournaments worth ten of thousands of Euros each and every month.

Even better yet, AffliateClub provides you with all the marketing materials you need to promote all of the great offers on CasinoClub, CasinoClub Poker and Poker Kings! There also a user friendly back end that helps you track your conversions and campaigns. Not sure where to start? Contact one of the friendly, helpful and talented affiliate managers for everything you need to know.


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