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affiliate blog pro
affiliate blog pro

The ‘Queen of Affiliate Marketing‘, Rosalind Gardner, makes affiliate blogging easy. She breaks down step-by-step how to make money as an affiliate blogger in her multimedia course based on her 2003 book based on the same subject.

What I find fun about the course is it is in blog format, not just a download that you can purchase from her blog. This is great because you get a real sense of the feel of a blog while you learn how to blog like an affiliate.

The course walks you though everything from what affiliate marketing is, what kinds of people you will be working with, and how to implement each step.

She is not teaching you how to push the latest super-fruit drink or diet pill, but rather how to build real campaigns to promote quality products on the web.

Here is the course outline:

  • Affiliate Blogging Basics
  • Find Your Niche
  • Set Up Your Blog
  • Add Content
  • Add Style & Function
  • Add the Money Makers
  • Get Traffic
  • Manage Your Business
  • Grow Your Business
  • Advanced Tips

As you can see, Rosalind has covered just about everything you need to know to begin as a professional Affiliate Blogger. This course is simple to understand, and implement too.


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  1. Well if you didn’t stick around long enuogh to see .nowhere on that page do I mention selling a magic ebook which promises to get you rich in one minute while jogging in fact, I don’t promise you’ll make any amount of money or you couldn’t deduce from the name of the course How to Build an Affiliate Website with WordPress that the course (it’s not just an ebook) is about how to use WP to build an affiliate website, not how to get rich overnight or notice the top navigation elements which easily allow you to visit other parts of the site and are under the assumption that my product is crap without actually reading, using, or asking anyone who’s actually received the product whether or not it’s any good Then, there’s really no need for you to go and re-read the page on my account.By the way, how’s manually spamming comments with your Stop Smoking Now affiliate website working out for you? Frankly, you shouldn’t be too quick to judge a website when your own website (assuming you’re not being paid to spam) is of a highly questionable nature. At least I stand behind my product instead of hiding behind a false name and mailinator e-mail address.~ Teli

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