Join Aedgency and discover our extensive knowledge of the online market.

Aedgency is a paneuropean performance-based marketing company, effectively connecting e-buyers with targeted offers since 2004.

We create online solutions to achieve:

Satisfaction from millions of consumers across Europe on every online purchase.
Boosting conversions of our advertisers to increase their sales.
Monetization of third parties’ software and advertising space available on installers and websites.

We develop these solutions on a solid base of our own targeting technology that allows us to make an accurate connection between a consumer and an offer.

Our flagship product is OfferBox, a shopping assistant which gathers thousands of discount codes, coupons and promotional offers for all types of products and services in the following markets: Spain, France, Italy and soon Brazil.

See all advertiser benefits for OfferBox here:

On top of that, we offer our software network, focused on generating new clients for our third party software and, at the same time, monetising the distribution of other applications. We work with a wide selection of free software titles, generating more than 31 million installs annually, in which we make the most of bundling them to 100% matching offers for the publisher´s audience.


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