With content locking becoming one of the most popular methods of promotion out there, we have created a network that has superior performance. With spending years in the affiliate world, we have captured some of the best advertisers out there to give you some of the highest rates you have ever seen! Not only that, we have great features to back us up! – Pay Per Download We offer a Pay Per Download set up that is similar to other sites out there so you can make money uploading files. – Link Locker Looking to send a user to a new site? Lock them in and force them to complete an offer before moving on to the URL you select. – Product Locker The Product Locker can be a great feature for those that are looking to give a real product to the end user. Whether it is an eBook or another electronic item, the user will have to complete a certain amount of credits to unlock the item. – Content Locker Lock your full webpages so the user viewing them cannot see it until they complete an offer. You can also make the locker show on a click if you want. – Payment Methods We currently offer PayPal, Payza, Wire, ACH, and Check but will offer plenty of new options in the future. Want a specific one? Let us know! – Campaign Rates Make the most you ever have by switching to a CPA Network. By working with a network, you are able to cut out a full middleman so we are able to offer you higher rates than a PPD site. – In-House Script With a custom coded script, there is a much larger level of control and customization you can have with a site. This will allow us to update the site frequently with features in order to maximize revenue for you. – Support If you ever need any help, we are here via aim, skype, email and phone. Whether you are new to content locking or an expert, we are here to help you succeed. Start earning with the supreme content locking network!


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