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Ad Giant Media

Publishers Performance marketing is a model focused on results and is built on the foundation of strong relationships. We bring together industry leading publishers and world advertisers to produce WIN-WIN partnerships to boost everyone’s bottom line Highest Payouts(Mobile App Weekly /Daily Payment) Easy Payments by Check / PayPal / ACH Direct Deposit / Wire Payment Flexibility monthly Net-25 /Bi-weekly /weekly Advertisers Create new pipelines of traffic and extend your reach Further increase sales by complementing your customized affiliate marketing program with a fully-managed and integrated affiliate marketing solution. A Litany of Active Affiliates Get Brand Name Awareness Pre-Screened Affiliates


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  1. Hello AY88!With the way our economy is going and job seturicy being a thing of the past, the answer to your question, Is it worth the time and effort to get into Internet affiliate marketing, like Amazon affiliate? YES!Many people are earning a nice income as an affiliate marketer, UNFORTUNATELY the sad truth is a considerable amount of people who start out attempting to earn income online as an affiliate marketer fail miserably.Why?Several reasons. They picked the wrong niche or the niche might be to competitive. But the BIGGGGG reason why they fail is most don’t have their own personal email subscriber list or don’t know how to build one.With your own list, you basically have a license to print money. You see what you have with your own email list are people to email your affiliate offers to. They are proven buyers of the product you’re offering. It’s much better than the hit and missadvertising that beginners engage in. Your email list would be targeted and responsive because you would be building a relationship with them by sending them good information they can use to help them in whatever they’re doing. This could be anything like making money online , woodworking , gardening, etc.So if I were you I would start out by building an email list first. Then progress to selling for Amazon as an affiliate.Hope this helps!

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