AdGeam is here to deliver the best service to our advertisers in terms of traffic, volume, quality and customer service while keeping our publishers’ interest in delivering on-time payments, good offers and high payouts

AdGaem Affiliate Network is a Global Performance Based Ad Network incorporated in January 25, 2012 with its headquarters located in New Delhi, India. It is a subsidiary of AdGaem Marketing & Web Solutions LLP and specializes in providing online branding solutions to brand owners and media agencies (Advertisers) while giving an opportunity to monetize traffic to website owners, bloggers and professional media buyers (Publishers). We cater all kinds of verticals and revenue models including CPC [Cost Per Click], CPM [Cost Per Mille], CPA [Cost Per Acquisition] and last but not the least Email Marketing Promotions.

Ideal Partner:

For AdGaem Network the ideal partner is someone who knows affiliate marketing in and out. Someone who can drive good amount of traffic to our offers. AdGaem Network has put a great deal and effort into making their offering for their partners  stand out by doing the following:

1. Exclusive Offers and High Payouts
2. On-Demand offers facility available for our partners

AdGaem Network are looking for individuals who are:

1. Professional
2. Honest

Key benefits from working with AdGaem Network are On-time payments, 24 x 7 Friendly support, On-Demand offers facility for affiliates, User friendly tracking platform, and last but not the least our Loyalty.

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15 Days Cash