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121 casino

121 Partner is the affiliate program for 121 Casino. was established in January 2011 and is run by an experienced management and professionally trained support staff. It provides 200+ high-end breathtaking games, offering the thrill and fun of a real casino experience in the comfort of your home.

Games and brands are acquired from many different sources, which ensures a constant flow of well known and well promoted games, which in turn helps with player acquisition and retention. Playing some of the games also gives players a chance to win huge progressive jackpots. We currently have games from Marvel, MGM, Dreamworks and Universal. Keep a lookout, as many more big name games are being added all the time.

Throughout 2011, Mulano and PartyGaming are expected to jointly launch 121Bingo and 121Sport. Register now to become a part of our exciting revolution!

New affiliates can get up to 50% revenue share for the first 3 months.

At 121affiliate, we’ve earned our reputation as one of, if not the most generous affiliate program in the business.

Our primary payment plan is called our Progressive Payment Plan (PPP) and is based on a percentage of the monthly net revenues generated by the players you refer, for the lifetime of the player.

The actual percentage you receive (after the ‘Bonus’ period) is based on the number of Real Money Players (RMP) you sign up. For all our affiliates we offer a Bonus period, which guarantees a high percentage of the net revenues for the first three months after you join us, irrespective of the number of RMP you sign up.

After the 3 month bonus period is over, we simply look at the number of RMP you acquired in month 3, and will apply the commission to all your players for month 4.

Likewise, at the beginning of month 5, we look at the RMP acquired for month 4, and apply the commission that corresponds to that number of players. See the table below for.

Monthly RMP signed up

Monthly Net Revenue % Payment

0 – 10


11 – 25


26 – 49




CPA deals are available upon request.


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