Here you have the opportunity to promote a successful gaming company that was founded 1966 and started to offer online gaming services as early as 1999. We provide a full suite of games in several languages that you will be able to promote to your audience.

It is Paf’s ambition to be a leader in online gaming.

We at Paf are:

Personal – Play among friends, and enjoy our personal support.
Generous – Paf’s goal is to raise money for the public good.
Trustworthy – Paf has been around since 1966 and online since 1999, we know how important it is for our players and partners to have trust in the brand that Paf represents.
This is something that our players already know and we hope that you as an affiliate will feel the same after working with us.

We at Paf are looking forward working with you, and once again welcome to!

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