Blvd Media Group

We live in the golden age of digital technological innovation and we love it. If this were the 19th century we’d be building locomotives, but fortunately, it’s not, because we don’t know anything about trains. What we do know a lot about is online marketing, incentive-based advertising, and virtual currency monetization. That’s why Blvd Media Group is at the forefront of developing enterprise technologies and monetizing the Internet in the process.
Blvd Media Group was founded on the principle that just because the Internet is free doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to make money from it. Our foreword thinking proprietary products, like the RewardTool ® and the AccessTool®, help promote incentive-based advertisements resulting in more clicks, greater lead generation and increased revenues. By working directly with online advertisers, we have collected a massive network of offers available to users around the world.

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Blvd Media Group has a global footprint with partners in over 100 countries.

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