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1) Which of the following does NOT allow you to grow a following
2) RTB stands for
3) What does the term ‘responsive’ refer to?
4) What is Quantcast used for?
5) ASW stands for
6) SEO stands for
7) Bonus: PAD stands for
8) What is A/B testing used for?
9) CPD stands for
10) DFP stands for
11) Which of these is NOT a standard IAB Banner Size
12) CPC stands for
13) Which of these methods is NOT considered to be white hat
14) How many friends can a single profile on facebook have?
15) PPI stands for
16) P2C stands for
17) What is the most popular size for mobile banner ads?
18) SSP stands for
19) Which of these systems ALL have heatmap tracking
20) DSP stands for
21) SEM stands for
22) Which of the following is NOT a social bookmarking site
23) CPA stands for
24) Which symbol is used for a hashtag
25) AWS stands for
26) SMO stands for
27) CPL stands for
28) What is Frequency Cap
29) SERP stands for
30) Website PR stands for
31) PPC stands for
32) CPM stands for
33) CPV stand for
34) What does Incent Traffic mean
35) What are Rich Media Ads?
36) What does Bounce Rate mean?
37) What is Retargeting

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